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Fighting Charges of Assault, Battery, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest

You got into it with someone. It all happened so quickly. And now you're facing criminal charges for assault, battery, disorderly conduct and/or resisting arrest. Why so many criminal charges? How did the situation get so out of control?

Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Sometimes Even Resisting Arrest Get Charged Together

Prosecutors want a conviction, and if they are unsure that one charge will stick, they will add on other, lesser charges to make it easier to convict, easier to get jail time, and easier to levy big fines. That's why if you are charged with one of these crimes, you could be hit with all three.

As your defense attorney, it's my job to get the best outcome whether it be to try to limit the number of charges against you and/or to plead your case down to the lowest offense, or take the case to trial - so you can avoid a conviction or jail time.

You Need a Strong Legal Defense

I'm Warwick criminal defense lawyer Adam Northup. I represent people facing assault and battery charges in District and Superior courtsin Providence, Kent County, Newport County, and Washington County. Contact my office for a quick response and dedicated legal representation in Rhode Island criminal courts.

Assault and Battery

In Rhode Island, simple assault and battery are rolled into one charge. Assault is putting someone in fear of physical contact; it's a threat. Battery is actually, physically touching someone, whether that's a poke or a punch or striking someone with an object.

You could be charged with assault and battery if you were involved in a bar fight, a domestic fight, if a new boyfriend and an ex-spouse got into a shoving match, or if two drivers threatened one another on the road.

A conviction for assault and battery carries jail time of up to one year and a fine not to exceed $1,000, or both. The penalties are enhanced if it's domestic violence between people living together or with a child in common.

Disorderly Conduct

A criminal charge of disorderly conduct has a very low bar of proof. Technically, it's "intentionally, knowingly or recklessly engaging in fighting, threatening or tumultuous behavior." If you threw a plate at someone; pounded on a door and broke it; accidentally broke a window during an argument – you could be charged with disorderly conduct.

The problem with disorderly conduct is that things that happen all the time when people get into a fight suddenly get defined as a crime when the police show up. They are there to arrest someone, so they are looking for a reason.

Was the action really intentional? Did you intend to do damage, or was it accidental? That's often the pivotal question. Witnesses will be critical to your defense so talk with me as soon as possible so we can get statements while memories are still fresh.

The potential penalties for a conviction on charges of disorderly conduct are imprisonment for up to 6 months and a fine up to $500, or both. And you will have a criminal record, which could be seen by a potential landlord or employer. Don't just plead guilty if you can help it. Fight every criminal charge.

Resisting Arrest

A lot of people who are charged with resisting arrest are genuinely surprised. They didn't fight with the officers. They didn't do anything. They just wanted to explain things. And yet they were arrested.

Worse yet, you could be arrested, found innocent of criminal charges at trial, and still charged you with resisting arrest! The law says that it is unlawful to use force or a weapon to resist a legal or illegal arrest. If a police officer comes to arrest you and you say,"I didn't do it" and give him/her a hard time verbally, you couldbe charged.

There are defenses against this charge. It's going to depend on the circumstances of your arrest. When you come to my Cranston criminal defense law office, we will go over the details of your arrest, the situation, what you knew, and what you did.

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