Modifying a RI Custody Agreement or Support Order

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Situations change. Child custody agreements that worked for preschool children may no longer work for a teenager. Children's needs for financial support change – parents' ability to pay support also changes. Even alimony orders can change based on the marital status or financial means of the ex-spouse.

Whenever you bring a case back to family court for modification of an existing court order, you would do well to talk with a lawyer about how to present evidence to achieve the change you want.

I'm Rhode Island child and spousal support attorney William Balkun . I can help you understand the issues that the family court judge will consider when deciding whether to grant your request for a change to your original court order. I can help you gather the evidence you need and I can represent you in court in both modification and enforcement cases. Call to schedule a consultation: 401-463-5106.

Child Custody, Child Relocation and Child Support

If you are bringing a case back to court to relocate with your child to a new town or state, your custody and visitation agreement will need to be modified. If the other parent opposes the move, you will need to prove your case for custody all over again. (The opposing parent will need to prove the move is not in the child's best interest.)

Is child support a problem?

  • Are you owed back child support? You may need to go back to court to get your order enforced.
  • If you are behind on child support, you need to take immediate steps to either get current with your payments or to ask the court to reduce your support order. The consequences for late child support can be severe. When I go to court with you, I will work to ensure that those consequences don't negatively affect your ability to work to pay your support. Without help, it can become a vicious cycle.


While it's common for the court to agree to reduce or end alimony because of a change of financial circumstances or a remarriage of the dependent ex-spouse, it is rare for a person receiving alimony to successfully ask the court to extend spousal support. Illness is one reason an extension might be approved. Talk to me if you are trying to get a modification of your spousal support order.

Property Division

[link to Distribution of Marital Assets]

It's extremely unlikely that a family court judge would entertain a request to modify a previous order for property division, but if you can prove that the other party lied about assets, you may find a judge who will take the case.

Sometimes people need to go back to court to get the enforcement of a property division order. For example, if a home was to be sold at a later date and the proceeds split between the two parties, you may need to force a sale if one does not occur.

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