Not every divorce is contested. It is possible for couples to divorce amicably, collaboratively working through the decisions that must be made at the end of a marriage. At The Law Office of William J. Balkun, I often assist my clients in this process.

While having a seasoned attorney is not critical for a simple, straightforward divorce, my clients gain peace of mind from knowing that they are being guided through the process by a lawyer with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the law.

While I am known for my ability to achieve successful outcomes in court, many of my family law clients turn to me with avoiding court in mind. They value my pragmatic approach and know that I can provide realistic advice that helps save the time and money often associated with divorce litigation in Rhode Island.

What Does "Uncontested Divorce" Mean in Rhode Island?

People often have different interpretations of what "uncontested divorce" means. Many uncontested divorces occur when couples have been married only a short time. They have no children together and few shared assets, so there are few issues that must be decided—and fewer issues that can lead to potential disagreement.

But not every uncontested divorce involves such uncomplicated affairs. Couples with children and extensive assets can choose an uncontested divorce too. There are many reasons for doing so, including minimizing the cost of the divorce so that both spouses have more resources available for moving forward with their lives, as well as minimizing the stress to children that fighting can cause.

In simple divorces that actually involve complex issues, an experienced lawyer is especially useful. Your lawyer can offer insight, consult with financial professionals as necessary, and draft necessary legal documents. These may include qualified domestic relation orders (QDROs) necessary for dividing retirement accounts, property settlement agreements and parenting plans.

When Uncontested Divorces Become Contested

Unfortunately, uncontested divorces do not always remain uncontested. In the process of coming to an agreement about matters such as child custody, child support and division of property, many divorcing couples reach an impasse. In those cases, an attorney's guidance can be paramount. Your lawyer can help you avoid pitfalls that lead to extensive litigation. He can also help you resolve matters efficiently and effectively if going to court becomes necessary.

Get Guidance Regarding Your Uncontested Divorce

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, having an experienced lawyer by your side is still necessary to give you peace of mind and protect your interests. To talk with me about your uncontested divorce, contact my Cranston, Rhode Island, law office at 401-463-5106 for a confidential consultation.

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