In Rhode Island divorces, marital assets are divided equitably. Equitable distribution does not always mean equal, but it does mean fair. And, in order to be fully fair, it is often necessary for lawyers and their clients to make in-depth inquiries into the true value of marital assets.

At my Cranston, Rhode Island, law practice, I am dedicated to protecting my clients' interests throughout the divorce process. As an attorney with decades of experience, I know that this means forcefully advocating for them when assets become complex or when other factors attempt to hinder the division of marital property.

Bringing in Professionals to Support Your Case

In a divorce case involving complex assets—or a deceitful ex—it often becomes necessary to bring in professionals to assist in protecting your interests. These professionals can assess and testify to financial facts, appraise businesses and real estate, and track down hidden assets. In doing so, they help make the divorce process more fair and effective.

I work with a range of well-qualified and well-respected financial experts to help protect my clients' interests in Rhode Island family courts. These experts include:

  • Certified public accountants (CPAs)—can review financial records, make an assessment and testify on a clients' behalf in court
  • Forensic accountants—can investigate allegations of hidden or missing assets, helping to discover where the money might be located
  • Valuation experts—can analyze, interpret, summarize and present information regarding the value of an asset, like a family business, considering factors such as income and expenses
  • Divorce financial planners—can help individuals plan strategically to maintain the same standard of living after the divorce as they had during the marriage
  • Private investigators—can conduct investigations regarding certain behaviors, locating key information

When it Comes to Asset Valuation, Quick Action Is Critical

If you are involved in a divorce or anticipate a divorce, contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss strategies to protect your interests. When the value of marital assets is likely to be an issue, it is important to act quickly. Through quick, smart action, you and your attorney can collect critical financial information and take steps to protect your financial interests.

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